The Cousans Organ

The organ was built by Cousans of Lincoln and officially opened in 1913.

At the time it was considered 'state of the art' with thumb pistons which could be changed by the organist, albeit with some difficulty since he had to climb inside the organ case and move a series of levers and ratchets, and a Cousans Turbine driven by a Crossley Gas Engine to provide the necessary wind.

Very little serious work had been carried out on the organ, a £2000 overhaul in 1967 and a similar sum in the 1980's. Various options were considered from - giving it a good clean - to a major rebuild and enlargement. Fortunately for us it was decided that the major rebuild and enlargement should be included as part of the major upgrading of the church premises in 1996.

Bishop and Sons of Ipswich carried out the work which included adding a mixture to the Great organ to improve the upperwork and the following additions to the Pedal organ a 16ft Trombone, 5 1/3 Quint and a 4ft Twelfth. The original tubular-pneumatic action was also replaced with the latest piston capture system. (Full specification).

The result is now a very fine instrument, one of the best in the region and possibly further afield.

The Organ is maintained and tuned by Les Allitt of Boston (follow Les on Facebook)

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